The beauty of the mountains and valleys, pine trees, forests, agricultural fields, small villages, towns and cities, make Dão Lafões a region that stays in the heart of anyone who vi sits it.

Festivities, Gastronomy and Handcrafts

It's a region rich in festivity manifestations. There are festive celebrations and processions throughout all the districts, fairs where "food and drink" stalls don't fall short to for you to try out the regions delicacies. Caldo verde, rancho, lampreira, rojões (crackling) and roast veal Lafões way are some of the good traditional sausages, morcela (sort of a sweet sausage), chourica (smoked pork sausage), bucho (pork belly) and farinheira (pork sausage made with flour), the ham, brown bread or rye bread, corn bread and of course the famous Serra cheese. Taste the Dão Lafões wines, quality wines cultivated in rich essential soils.

The hand craft is one of the regions riches. Straw mats and baskets, rods and pliant withes, lace and embroidery, linen and woolen blankets and textiles, arraiolos and blankets made from odds and ends; plates, barrels, clay images and fabric dolls, are some of the items made by those with talented hands.

Hotsprings and Rural Tourism

In the Dão Lafões region, the water too is one of the riches. About one forth of the the hot springs offered by the country are found in this region, pointing out its therapeutic qualities, for dermatological problems, respiratory problems, intestinal, arthritis, tension, asthma, bronchitis and sinus problems among lots of others. For this select the hot springs or spa that more suits your case: Alcafache (Viseu), Carvalhal (Castro Daire) and São Pedro do Sul hot springs, Cavaca (Aguiar da Beira), Felgueira (Nelas) or São Gemil (Tondela) spa's.

Take advantage to rest at the fluvial beaches or bathe in the river waters that pass through these lands, like the Mondego, Dão, Vouga, Paiva or Távora. You can still opt for a swim at the hotels swimming pool or at gyms, camping parks and tourism country farms. Visit the regions rich heritage, pre-historic monuments, rustic houses and manor houses.